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Hudson Valley Walk Podcast

Crossing the Rip Van Winkle bridge.

Three years ago I spent a week walking in the Hudson Valley of New York, asking people their thoughts and feelings about climate change, staying with people I’d never met before each night, gaining an understanding of what stops people from taking action, and finding some serendipitous surprises about my influence in the world.

What I didn’t know then was that the biggest challenge would be editing the podcast! There’s just one episode, and it’s finally ready:

Thanks to Barry Febos, John Michelotti, Kristen Wilmer, Kaya Weidman, Ed Baum, Julia Indichova, Connor Stedman, Lori Gross, Fiona Fraser-Gross, Ethan and Dyami Soloviev, AnnMarie Tedeschi, Tom Houghton, Sarah Scott, Petra Aldrich, Air Nonken, Sarah Womer, Sara Katz, Myk Freedman, Julie Rosier and Oliver Brown.

Pictures from the journey:

Hard not to think about it, isn’t it?
A good spot to play pennywhistle by.
Susun Weed’s swimming pool.
The Catskill Mountain Railroad
The cutest railroad car ever
On the streets of High Falls, New York
At the top of Bonticou Crag
“He Was a Nice Guy” by Anti Liu, at the Unison Arts & Learning Center
The address was “1 Fourth St”
Poison ivy and “flowers”
Castleton Commodities power station right across the street from…
Our Lady of Mercy church
I walked past the Balmville Tree a few years too late…
For it had died.
The two mile walk across the Newburgh-Beacon bridge.
Sarah Womer of Zero To Go.