Donation Pay Phone Project

Phone service with the Bike Path Phone system

Service options:

  • Free service: An extension off of a shared number (413-825-6795), with voicemail. Messages can be received via e-mail, the web or by phone. With a computer or analog telephone adapter, you can receive calls for free over the internet from the phone network.
  • $5/month: your own local phone number with a charge of 1.5 cents/min for incoming calls.
  • $10/month: your own local phone number with no per-minute charge for incoming calls.
  • 1.5 cents/minute: make outgoing calls to U.S. or Canadian numbers. International rates vary.
  • 1.5 cents/minute: forward calls to any number.
  • $25 (one-time charge): use your existing phone number.

Connection options:

  • Dial-in via the access number (413-825-6795) to check voicemail, or to place calls to any other number.
  • With a computer, you can receive and place calls to the phone network over the internet.
  • With a analog telephone adapter ($25 - $50, one-time cost) you can use a traditional phone to connect over the internet. Or buy an IP phone.

More information:

  • all service is prepaid -- if you run out then toll services will stop working.
  • service is not guaranteed, but it's reliable enough that Pedal People has run its business phone system on it for the past few years.
  • for more information call Alex at 413-517-5800 or e-mail phone AT pedalpeople DOT com

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